ThyroSynergy® is Specially Formulated With 10 Active Ingredients to Aid Thyroid Health

Advanced Thyroid Health Formula
Made in Australia
Premium Quality Ingredients
Remarkable Customer Reviews


Latest ThyroSynergy® Reviews

ThyroSynergy was launched in February 2011. Since then it has gone on to become a top selling thyroid health product. Most importantly it is loved by our customers!

“Thank you very much for ThyroSynergy®. I am feeling on top of the world, I can move mountains! I am amazed at how good it feels to be alive and feeling well.”
Frieda T. QLD. Australia.

ThyroSynergy reviews“I have struggled with low thyroid symptoms for over 4 years…It’s been nearly a month since I started ThyroSynergy® and I love it. I have lost weight, I have more energy and my hair has stopped falling out. My thyroid hormone levels have finally balanced out, I feel great.”
Lindy F. Western Australia.

“I have just finished my first bottle and am so happy to report that the brain fog is improving and that I am at last able to lose weight around the tummy that has previously been impossible. I also appreciated the prompt and professional way my ThyroSynergy® order was handled.”
Yvonne. Gold Coast, Australia.

“The most significant change for me after 2 months is that my hair has stopped falling out – such a relief!”
Imelda G. Sydney Australia.

“I have been taking your supplement for two months and have found the extreme tiredness has almost left me. I actually feel like I have a life again.”
Linda M. Kingaroy, Queensland. Australia.

“I was experiencing horrible menopausal moodiness and weight gain. I was eating well and exercising but the weight kept going on. Since starting on ThyroSynergy® twice a day I feel better. I have lost weight, my hair has stopped falling out and my skin looks great.”
Sharn N. Byron Bay. NSW. Australia.

“I was feeling extremely fatigued and sluggish. The worst part was the ‘brain fog’ which was affecting my concentration at work. Since taking ThyroSynergy® I feel like my old self again. Thank you ThyroSynergy®!”
Michelle M. Sunshine Coast. Australia.

“After going for a check-up in June I was shocked to discover my thyroid was underactive. I then researched the problem, only to discover that it causes you to put on weight which was my problem, mood swings tiredness and the list goes on. As I was not put on any medication, but told to come back in three months for another check-up I did some further research. I came across ThyroSynergy® and so with nothing to lose I ordered this thyroid product. I have taken ThyroSynergy® for two months now and have lost 6kg and still going. I have a lot of energy and I am no longer irritable. Thanks to ThyroSynergy®.”
Rachele L. Sydney, Australia.

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